The Mifarm Solution

miFarm Process

MiFarm is pleased to offer farmers the ability to remotely manage their bin-stored assets (grain, canola, seed, fertilizer, etc...) from any where at any time.

The unique MiFarm Asset Management Solution is comprised of an on-farm installation where solar powered wireless enabled sensor cables are installed into new or established bins with or without existing monitoring solutions.

These wireless sensor cables collect and transmit data to the secure MiFarm portal where the farmer can simply access and monitor his assets proactively or the farmer can easily configure the system to notify him by eMail or text message of any changes in the conditions of his assets or the remote farm-site.

Mobile Notification

By logging on to the secure MiFarm portal, farmers can easily configure the MiFarm system to notify one or more people by eMail and or text message of changes in their bin based assets or farm conditions:

  • Humidity fluctuations
  • Humidity targets
  • Site cellular network status
  • Site power
  • Temperature fluctuations
  • Temperature targets
  • Volume fluctuations
  • Volume targets
  • Additional features will be available in the near future and they will be supported by existing hardware at no incremental cost to the farmer

Better design - better technology

Engineered for quality, performance and value.  All components of the MiFarm Asset Management Solution have been selected, designed and manufactured to operate as an integrated solution.  Additionally, subsequent sensors, controls and features can be easily added in the future.

Better technology - better information

The MiFarm Asset Management Solution is comprised of three unique but equally important variables.  First is the hardware that monitors, collects and transmits data from a given farm site.  Second is the cellular network that transmits data from the farm site to the MiFarm server and Third is the MiFarm Portal where farmers can configure the system and manage their assets from any web enabled device - any where, any time!

Better information - better grain

The Agricultural Revolution occurred between the 15th century and the end of the 19th century where we saw an increase in productivity and net output.  The Technological Revolution begun in the 1860’s and with it we experienced the rapid industrial development of new technologies, like electricity, the internal combustion engine, railroads, chemicals and communication technologies.  Today we live in the Information Age where the access to and interpretation of relevant data empowers decision makers to take action and maximize the value of their assets. In the case of Agriculture, farmers can now optimize the conditions in which they store their grain to ensure maximum value.

Better grain - better return on investment

It goes without saying that the best quality grain will demand the highest market price per bushel.  The challenge isn’t simply producing the best quality grain, it is doing it in the most cost effective manner possible.  The MiFarm Asset Management Solution allows farmers to optimize the most prized characteristics of their product at market, namely quality and moisture content (grade, weight and carry) providing them with the greatest possible return on their investment.

  • Real time asset management
  • Be green and save energy
  • Optimize grain conditions
  • Save time and Money
  • Informed decisions - real time data
  • Reduce theft and loss
  • Focus on other responsibilities
  • Enjoy a vacation with peace of mind