Cellular Coordinator

The MiFarm Coordinator is the brains of the operation and one is required at each farm site.  All of the in-bin Sensor Cables collect data which is then transmited to the Coordinator which in turn gathers and manages this information before transmitting it to the MiFarm servers using an internal GSM modem.  Additionally, the  Coordinator measures ambient humidity and has the ability to detect loss of AC power at the farm site and it can also identify and report cellular network issues.

Solar Powered Wireless Router


A Solar Powered Wireless Router is installed on top of each bin being monitored and each of the Sensor cables installed in the bin are connected to the Router.  The Router is responsible for the management of each of the Sensor Cables as well as the data collected which it in turn sends to the Coordinator.  In addition to providing power to the device, the solar panel can also provide solar load information at the farm site, indicating the amount of sunshine received at a given farm site.

Sensor Controller


A Sensor Controller (AKA: Cable Head) is the bridge between the in-bin the Sensor Cable and the Router.  The Cable Head is connected to the top of each Sensor Cable and is secured to the top of the bin.  The primary function of the Cable Head is to gather measurement data (temperature, humidity and level) from the sensors within the bin and transmitting said information to the Router.

Sensor Cable Conversion Kit


The MiFarm Conversion Kit allows farmers with existing grain monitoring solutions to use existing cables with the MiFarm system (some limitations do apply).  This Conversion Kit allows the farmer to remotely collect the same information that would have been collected using a handheld reader at the grain bin.

Sensor Cable


MiFarm’s proprietary Sensor Cable is attached to the Sensor Controller and has an internal temperature sensor located the length of the cable at one meter intervals.  By monitoring the values every 3 feet, MiFarm is able to provide farmers with a superior grain temperature profile across the grain bin.

Farm Site Monitoring & Data Management Services


MiFarm provides farmers with a full suite of monitoring and data management services for a fixed monthly cost, a small price to pay for peace of mind knowing that your assets are secure 24/7.