Who we are

MiEfficency_MiProfitability_MiSecurityMiFarm is pleased to offer farmers the ability to remotely manage their bin-based assets (grain, canola, seed, fertilizer, etc...) from any where at any time.

The unique MiFarm Asset Management Solution is comprised of an on-farm installation where solar powered wireless enabled sensor cables are installed into new or established bins with or without an existing monitoring solution.

These wireless sensor cables collect and transmit data to the secure MiFarm portal where the farmer can simply access and monitor his assets proactively or the farmer can easily configure the system to notify him by eMail or text message of any changes in the conditions of his assets or the remote farm-site.


Our history

  • With a history in the Agricultural sector spanning some 30 years and in response to an expressed need, the founders of the MiFarm Asset Management Solution embarked on a mission to provide farmers with real-time information on the status and condition of their bin-based assets.

  • 2007 - 2010 - Development team invested significant resources in the creation and expansion of the core technologies required to support the MiFarm Asset Management Solution.
  • 2010 - MiFarm was incorporated with a mandate to commercialize the MiFarm Asset Management Solution.
  • 2010 - 2012 - The MiFarm team focused on the integration and deployment of the core technologies.
  • 2012 - Commercial demonstrations were conducted across Alberta in various environments and applications.
  • 2013 - Strategic relationships have been forged in various regions and the MiFarm Asset Management Solution will be commercially launched on a limited basis.
  • 2013 - UFA Co-operative Limited partners with MiFarm Asset Management to sell and distribute MiFarm's Remote Asset Management Solution.

In the press

From time to time, MiFarm is mentioned in the press and we have included links to the various articles and press releases for your convenience.  We also include other industry articles that might be of interest to you.


Items of interest

We are always on the look out for interesting material relating to the management of grain, other farm based assets and of course any thing having to do with the use of technology on the farm.  While we are only providing these links as a service (we do not endorse or necessarily recommend any of the opinions herein), we do hope that you find the following as interesting as we did.